This certificate of data privacy security applies exclusively to AVILA SPACES service.

The Internet is an incredible communication tool. Day by day we can see the great importance that it has in our lives. Just by clicking the mouse button you can have the world at our feet. People get closer and the experiences are quickly distributed. Nowadays the society evolution is rampant.

For all these reasons and for all of you to trust in this mean of communication, it is important for AVILA SPACES that all of our users and visitors of the webpages have the guarantee of the data privacy.

When we ask your name, address, telephone, academic qualifications, and other information, it’s because we have the interest of getting closer to our users. With your register we can call you by your first name, we can get closer to you and answer  to your needs efficiently.

If for any reason AVILA SPACES has the need of updating the privacy policy you will be the first to be informed.

AVILA SPACES guarantees that this information will not be used for promotional purposes by email or telephone nor for promotional campaigns of other companies. AVILA SPACES undertakes to protect your privacy and will do a great effort to give you a secure online experience, strengthening your Web relations.

If you have any further question related to this commitment, please contact us.